General Terms and Conditions

Almiria Limited operates an online marketplace offering a website and connected logistics and payment systems tailored to the trade of consumer goods in Kenya. These terms and conditions govern usage and are mandatory for both purchasers and vendors. Engaging with Almiria Limited's platform implies acceptance of these conditions. Do not engage if you disagree. If you use this platform for business or group-related reasons:

  • You confirm your authority to commit to these terms.
  • Both you and the linked organization are bound by these terms.
  • "You" pertains to both the individual user and associated group, unless specified differently.

Registration & Account Management:

  • Only individuals aged 18 and above can sign up.
  • Registration is facilitated via an online form.
  • Ensure details provided are correct and thorough.
  • Account holders should safeguard their passwords, inform us if compromised, and bear responsibility for any unauthorized use.
  • Each account is personalized; transferring to others is your responsibility.
  • We may alter or terminate your account as we see fit.
  • Account cancellation is possible by reaching out to us.

Sales Conditions:

Our platform serves as a bridge between buyers and sellers. Purchase and sales agreements are based on:

Returns & Refunds:

  • Return and acceptance management lies with us and follows the policy on our returns page.
  • Refunds are as per our refund page and might comprise:
    • Product cost refunds.
    • Refunding of shipping charges.
    • Other refund methods at our discretion.
  • Returned items are managed by us, and we issue refunds accordingly.
  • Revisions to returns and refund policies apply once updated on our website.

Payment Guidelines:

  • Payments should align with the Payment Instructions provided on the platform.

Content Guidelines:

  • "Your content" encapsulates all your platform interactions.
  • Ensure accuracy, courtesy, and adherence to standard online conduct.
  • Refrain from posting content that’s offensive, unlawful, or inappropriate.
  • Ensure no legal breaches with your posts.
  • Links to violating material are prohibited.
  • Avoid content mired in legal complications.
  • Ensure genuineness in reviews.
  • Steer clear of disrupting transactions or disclosing private data.
  • Interact judiciously with other users.
  • We hold the authority to scrutinize and remove content.
  • Report any discrepancies to us.

Our Content Rights:

  • You provide us unrestricted, worldwide rights to your submissions on diverse mediums.
  • We can grant these rights to third parties.
  • We can initiate legal actions for rights breaches.
  • You forgo personal claims to your content, as far as the law allows.
  • Infringing content can be edited or removed by us.

Website & Mobile App Use

  • "Marketplace" and "website" mean both Almiria's websites and apps.
  • Allowed actions:
    • View website pages via a browser.
    • Temporarily cache website pages.
    • Print website pages for personal/non-commercial use without overdoing it.
    • Stream media using our player.
    • Use marketplace services through a browser, adhering to all terms.
  • Prohibited:
    • Save any site material unless specified.
    • Use our site beyond personal or marketplace-related business activities.
    • Modify any site material without permission.
    • Without owning relevant rights, don't:
      • Republish, sell, rent, display publicly, exploit, or redistribute our material.
    • You can share product links and redistribute our newsletters/promotions.
    • Access to the website can be limited, especially during maintenance. Bypassing restrictions is prohibited.
    • Misuse of our website is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to:
      • Damaging the site, hacking, illegal activities, overloading resources, unauthorized data collection, or any interference with regular website usage.

Copyright & Trademarks

  • All copyright and intellectual property of our site is ours or licensed to us.
  • Unauthorized use of Almiria's trademarks is an infringement.
  • Third-party trademarks on our site belong to their owners; we're not affiliated or endorsed by them.

Data Privacy

  • Buyers consent to Almiria's Privacy and Cookie Notice.
  • We process personal data as per our Privacy policies.
  • Sellers are accountable for misusing buyer's data; Almiria isn't responsible.

Due Diligence & Audit

  • We may conduct anti-money laundering checks on users.
  • Users must provide necessary information and access for compliance checks.

Almiria's Marketplace Role

  • Understand that:
    • We don't verify all user identities or their creditworthiness.
    • We don't monitor all listing information.
    • We facilitate the marketplace but aren't party to sales contracts.
    • We don't represent any buyer/seller and aren't liable for marketplace transactions.
  • Our marketplace services can be altered or discontinued without prior notice.

Limitations and Exclusions of Liability

  • Cannot limit/exclude liabilities against the law.
  • Any limitations or exclusions are under the rules of the previous point.
  • For free services, no liability for any loss/damage.
  • Liability for paid services capped at the total paid to the provider.
    • Each transaction is considered separate.
  • Exclusions of certain losses like:
    • Interruptions or malfunctions.
    • Events beyond control.
    • Business-related losses.
    • Data corruption.
    • Indirect losses.
  • Officers and employees are personally exempt from liability.
  • Hyperlinks to third parties are not endorsed. No responsibility for third-party sites.


  • Users must indemnify the company for:
    • Any loss from misuse or breaches.
    • Any tax liability due to user negligence.

Breaches of Terms

  • Accounts remain open indefinitely unless breached.
  • Breaches or suspected breaches can lead to:
    • Temporary suspension.
    • Permanent prohibition.
    • IP blocking.
    • ISP notification.
    • Account deletion.
    • Legal action.
  • Circumventing any prohibition/suspension is not allowed.

Entire Agreement

  • These terms, along with other Almiria policies, are the full agreement.


  • In case of conflicts, the documents have a priority order.


  • Terms can be revised periodically.
  • New terms apply from their publication date.


  • Unlawful provisions can be removed without affecting the rest.


  • Company can transfer their rights/obligations.
  • Users cannot without written consent.

Third-Party Rights

  • The contract benefits only the company and the user.
  • No third-party benefits or consents.

Law and Jurisdiction

  • Governed by the laws of the territory.
  • Disputes resolved in the territory's courts.

Our Company Details

The marketplace is operated by Almiria Limited. We are registered in Kenya, and our registered office is at OLD MUTUAL BUILDING 2ND FLOOR ROOM 221, KIMATHI STREET Nairobi, Kenya.